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Shopping for a Plus Size Special Occasion Dress

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Shopping for plus size special occasion dresses does not have to be a nightmare. There is a variety of different cuts and styles of plus size special occasion dresses that are simple, elegant, classic, and chic to choose from that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

When shopping for that plus size special occasion dress, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, know your body. Pay attention to your body type and dress appropriately. Know the lengths that complement your height. Also, do not buy a dress that is a size too small or too tight. For example, short women should avoid mid-calf and tea lengths as they make them appear shorter while tall women should pay attention when buying full lengths so that they don’t become too short when paired with heels.

Secondly, know your skin tone and complexion and be aware of the colors that complement them. These colors should also complement your personality. Most of the time, same color complements both. Try to avoid colors that dull your hair and eye color. To ensure that you get the color right, hold the fabric against your eyes in front of a mirror. If your eyes pop, your hair shines, and your skin glows, then the dress is right for you; if not, then the dress is not a match for you. Getting the right hue and the right shade of the hue for your skin tone and eye color and is the first step to looking great in your plus size special occasion dress.

Plus size women should also consider their body shape while shopping for a dress for that special occasion. The size of your body dictates the type of dress that will bring out the best in you while being elegantly comfortable.

Apple size should dress in something that draws attention away from their mid-section. A wrap type gown that draws more attention to the bust and the legs should be a great party stopper. Flare hems and tulip dresses should also look great on them.

Pear shapes should go for strapless empire gowns or A-lines as they will want to draw more attention to their waistline while minimizing the size of their hips and thighs.

The hourglass is the most coveted of all plus size bodies as it is even and curvy. A mermaid gown, trumpet dress or pencil skirt should match perfectly with the hourglass curves. However, an hourglass should avoid frills, bows and high necklines.

The fabric of the garment should be light and warm to ensure a carefree day or worry less night. For those who never seem to find the right shade for themselves, conservative black works wonders any day, any time, all the time. This is because it always stands out as classic and elegant while remaining simple and comfortable giving you that all time legendary party stopper move considering you got the right cut and style that embodies your personality.


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